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Hear special messages from your loved ones from the other side as a medium translates and passes on their loving words.



Reduce stress; feel relaxed, at peace and in harmony whilst enjoying the beautiful energy of Reiki.



Classes and workshops.



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Astrology has been used by world leaders since ancient Grecian times.



Ease muscular aches and pains, improve digestion, calm the mind and relieve headache and migraine; just some of the benefits of shiatsu massage.



Kinesiology is a complete non-invasive holistic approach to physical and emotional wellbeing.



Navigate life’s challenger more effectively by feeding your body at a cellular level as you are supported nutritionally with food/diet, education and supplementation.



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Want to Experience Relaxation and Healing?

If you are looking for the ultimate in well-being and a healthier you – then you’ve come to the right place.  Hello and welcome!
Stress is the biggest contributor to poor health. At Experience Relaxation & Healing be supported, nurtured and empowered during your visit and allow yourself the space to relax, de-stress and experience healing.

Be assured that we have your health and well being needs covered as our our multi – modality centre covers many different therapeutic treatment modalities for body, mind and spirit.

Experience Relaxation & Healing is based on the belief that YOUR needs are of the utmost importance. Be empowered to take control of your health in a safe and supportive environment.  We are committed to meeting your needs; as a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat visits and client referrals.

You can choose to experience the relaxing and healing modalities of reiki, shiatsu or massage. The insightful modalities of past life regressions, birth charts or solar return charts; your blueprint and action plan for your life today.

If you are looking for direction and clarity in life then you cannot go past a Tarot or Psychic or mediumship reading.  Be delighted as you hear messages from your guides and loved ones from the other side.

Looking for a new you in 2014? Unable to set goals or define a vision for the future? Then a future life progression is for you.

Sick of being sick? Unlock your body’s patterns of stress, illness or dis-ease with a kinesiology session.

Wanting to expand your mind, increase your learning and embark on a personal development program? Then you must check out our classes and workshops pages.  Make you and your wellbeing a priority this year.

Make this YOUR time to experience better health and relaxation; Experience the difference today….

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  • “Hi Joanna, thankyou so much for the experience of learning and embracing Reiki.

    I know now why I am here and am very humble to have this gift and to share with all who want to be enlighten with reiki.”

    Heather McL
  • “Dearest Jo, Thank you so much for reconnecting me on this beautiful journey with Reiki once again.

    I feel blessed to have crossed your path which has lead me to my ever expanding learning. The wisdom and kindness in your teachings are truly inspirational.

    Forever grateful, V”

    Violeta C
  • “Hi Jo, Thank you for the PLR therapy we did last night.

    I have had previous PLR with other therapists over the year but nothing as profound as this.

    It was an absolutely amazing experience that left me feeling peaceful and content. We uncovered answers to unexplainable questions that have been with me for most of my adult life. So many things are now clearer.

    I believe that the healing has begun and l look forward to the final outcome with you by my side.

    You are an extraordinary person with a unique gift and may God always keep you and your family safe.

    I am blessed to have you in my life.”

    Penny B
  • “Participating in Joanna’s Meditation classes has been an amazing experience for me. Joanna provides a safe environment in which to relax and meditate and everyone who attends seems to feel immediately at ease.

    I thought I had mastered meditation before I came to Joanna’s classes, but I now realise that I hadn’t. Joanna makes each week interesting and lots of fun and I always come away feeling as though I’ve just indulged in a complete relaxation package, combined with a “night out with the girls” because we always have a laugh at the end of each class.

    It’s certainly a great way to start the week. Any stress lines I go in to class with each week, seem to miraculously disappear following one of Joanna’s Meditation classes. Indulge your senses! I can thoroughly recommend it!!”

    Deb H
  • “The accuracy of Joanna’s readings were quite astonishing. I have had readings done by others in the past and approached my appointment with Joanna with an open, but sceptical mind.

    Her understanding of my family relationships was remarkable. She not only provided insight into the complexities of my interactions with others, but practical suggestions on approaching sensitive matters.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Joanna to others. Her gift is remarkable and her rapport with clients is very professional.”

    Kate G
  • “Joanna quickly set me at ease when I went to her recently for a reading. The information she gave was direct and insightful, particularly as she had no prior knowledge of my situation.

    She offered simple and effective strategies that have allowed me to resolve some long term issues.

    Joanna was respectful of the emotions brought up by the reading and allowed enough time to process the information.

    She is a gifted practitioner with an amazing understanding of the spiritual realms. “

    Meg P
  • “Hi Joanna, just wanted to thank you for this morning’s reading. It was beautiful and I believe that a lot of what you said has now made me feel somewhat lighter and things a little clearer.

    I look forward to the workshops and will make sure I get my hands on that book you recommended ASAP! Thanks again.”

    Patricia G
  • “Joanna was so amazing when she did my reading.  Joanna was able to give me really helpful insights and confidence.

    She was also able to contact my grandmother that had passed on for many years and also my Uncle whom both I loved dearly.  It was truly an incredible experience.  Thank you, Joanna.”

    Karen L
  • “Joanna picked up on information that she couldn’t have possibly known. Messages from relatives that had passed on were delivered, predictions of upcoming events were given and events that had happened in the past were revisited. All of this was done without prompting from the person having the reading done.

    Everyone was totally blown away by the insight that Joanna offered and by the accuracy of the information that she uncovered. I can highly recommend Joanna as an excellent Psychic. Joanna is a person that you immediately feel at ease with.”

    Marie L
  • “I have always thoroughly enjoyed my remedial massage sessions. Jo is very perceptive and always finds those areas where I have been having problems and uses different styles of massage when she feels the area will respond better.

    I treat these regular sessions as “body maintenance” and definitely feel my overall well-being has improved since I started seeing Jo.”

    Pam C
  • “Hi Joanna, Just wanted to say – the massage was so incredibly relaxing – it was a wonderful experience – and I look forward to the next month’s session.”

    Nancy A
  • “I have had both Shiatsu and Reiki with Joanna. Her professional yet caring touch needs to be experienced rather than explained.

    She is completely in tune with what she needs to work on to get you back on track.”

    Josie L
  • “I have been going to various physiotherapists, chiropractors and myotherapist for a number of years.

    When I meet Joanna 5 years ago she was finishing of her course in Shiatsu. She offered to give me a treatment knowing how painful my back and hips were.

    I was willing to give anything a go at the time because nothing else was working.

    Well thanks for the treatment Joanna I have never looked back. With a mixture of on-going Shiatsu and Reiki treatments I have noticed a large difference.

    I feel lighter, happier, centred and free of pain. Keep those healing hands working Joanna .”

    Maria H
  • “Experience Healing has provided me with an opportunity to re-centre and find a greater strength within my spiritual journey.
    You promote healing at every level to create a sense of balance, clarity and harmony. Thank you for facilitating the sublime feeling of calmness and tranquillity within my life.

    Jo, you are a beautiful person, who radiates inner and outer beauty, inspires people to self-evolve in a safe and nurturing environment. Thank you for providing me an opportunity to embrace my journey and re-ignite my sense of hope.”

    Ange K
  • “I was feeling heavy, my energy levels were being drained and I was surrounded by darkness for a couple of weeks and unable to shake it off.

    I was a sceptic at first about Reiki, maybe because I knew nothing about it. I tried everything – resting, having a massage to de-stress and meditation but nothing seem to work.

    Well I gave Reiki a go. I am unable to explain how Joanna does it but after my first session I felt enlightened the dark clouds had been lifted. I was floating. Even my co-workers noticed the difference I was glowing. So to all you sceptics out there do not rule it out until you try it!”

    Poppy D
  • I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ for the most enlightening experience that I have ever experienced.

    After my reiki session and psychic reading I felt a ton had been lifted off my shoulders. In the last two weeks I have felt extremely calm and at peace.  I am looking so forward to our next session”

    Melanie P
  • “I’ve been finding the psychic circle lessons on Saturday have had a great positive impact on my life… I seem to be much calmer and life is much more in perspective…

    I don’t have an explanation as to why these lessons have had this impact, but they are certainly welcoming… “

    Mark P
  • “Hi Joanna, Thank you so much for introducing me to the beautiful world of meditation. Each journey with you and the girls was such a unique and cherished experience, leaving me feeling lighter, less stressed and happier.

    Your gentle, loving and nurturing nature made me feel so relaxed and at ease with each meditation. You really are an amazing teacher.

    Looking forward to all the new journeys in next semesters class with you and the girls x “

    Jodi R
  • “Joanna’s ‘psychic protection’ course provides many simple and effective measures which we can put in place to protect ourselves and those around us from being weighed down by the unnecessary ‘sludge’ we can pick up in our daily lives – whether it be intentional or unintentional, at home or in the workplace – so that we can all continue on our journey to be the love, light and support we all hope and aspire to be to those around us.

    Thanks so much for sharing your techniques Joanna, you are such a gentle soul and a beacon of light to us all.”

    Deb H
  • “What an amazing weekend. Thank you for the introduction to the beautiful world of Reiki in a safe learning environment.

    You shared your wisdom, beautiful energy and provided an opportunity for us to practice Reiki in a supportive way. You are an extraordinary teacher and l was blessed to be one of your students.”

    Ange K


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